Relax and Health

Massage has always been one of the most ef cient systems for relaxing, health and general well-being. Science has demonstrated the whirlpool is very ef cient thanks to its stimulating and revitalising action. Thanks to the bene cial effects of water/air mixture, the whirlpool has multiple applications for Health, Beauty and Well- being. A hydromassage will help you relieve the pain of arthrosis, foster recovery in any traumatic process, bone, muscle and joint problems. For beauty, hydromasage has become a very effective remedy to help counter cellulites and obesity.

Health and Relax trhough colors

Chromotherapy is very important in the traditional medical practice of great cultures. It is a natural harmonisation method, which helps health through colours. Thanks to the bene cial knowledge colours provide our organism with, at “OASIS STAR” we have combined Whirlpool and Chromotherapy, to guarantee a pleasurable bene cial bath of colour and massage. All of this without any counterindication whatsoever.

  • Blue Relaxing, calm.
  • Green Anti-stress, refreshes and balances.
  • Red Vitalising, is vital colour it is the quintessential giver of strength, energy and courage.
  • Yellow Depurative, stimulates creativity, brings happiness.
  • White-Chrome Toning, revitalises, gives energy.

Beauty and well-being in your very own "oasis"

Ozonetherapy is the result of highly concentrated free oxygen present in your Whirlpool bath water. Balneotherapy with ozonised Whirlpool has multiple bene cial actions for your body. Thanks to the wise combination of Ozone and Whirlpool, likewise the right water temperature 36º C – 37º C, the result is an ideal treatment for health, beauty and general well-being. All of this without any counterindication whatsoever.

Health and Relax trhough aromas

Aromatherapy is based on the therapeutic effects of aromatic herbs and essential oils. Examples of some essential oils and their properties: Cinnamon: aphrodisiac and mental stimulant. Eucalyptus: acts on respiratory system, it is decongestive. Lavender: relaxant for insomnia problems. Lemon: mental stimulant, antiseptic, astringent, healing. Orange: antidepressant and raising the spirit. Rosemary: stimulates memory, mental clarity.

Balance and Energy

The characteristics of water are transformed by magnetism. If you subject water to the action of a magnetic eld, you change its physical properties, obtaining magnetized water. Experience has shown that hydromagnetotherapy is very effective in the treatment of many ailments, improving water quality and much more...